Episode 2 :    Pandawan Fish Terminal (Rosario, Cavite)
I have always wondered how people in fish ports start their day in the morning. And since I don't have plans of doing a long ride this weekend, I've decided to just go to Pandawan Fish Terminal to feed my curiosity aside from just being 18 kms away from my place. An early morning visit is a must if one would like to see the variety of fish and witness how local people would rush to the "bancas" to get to the fishes before they could even make it to the "banyeras". I was expecting chaos but it was a delightful surprise to find that even though the port was busy, everyone was so kind and all smiles. It's a breath of fresh air to be with the local folks here. Wish I could live in a town like this. 
Here's what I saw....
I wonder how heavy these crates and banyeras are 
The water is clear. People around here sure knows how to manage their trash properly. Amazing!
The hardworking fishermen of Pandawan
Life is simple and happy for these fishermen
The kids of Pandawan Fish Port
This trip was an eye opener. It made me realize that despite of the burden we carry in our shoulders, we should never lose hope and should fight in life with hope and smile. See ya' all next weekend ! Ride safe.... 
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